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Pre-Intermediate Practice Lesson 2. Question forms: be, have got, do
Pronunciation: The phonemic alphabet

1. Complete the table. Use the correct form of be, have got, or do.

  Question Answer
Where from?
Yes, I am.
She's from Argentina.
   have got
a car?
How many children ?
Yes, they have.
He's got one child.
live near here?
Yes, they do.
She works in a bank.

2. Put the words in the correct order to make questions.

  1. ('s    your   what   name)
  2. (you    from   Japan   are)
  3. (she    single   is)
  4. (your    when   is   birthday)
  5. (a    is   student   he)

3. Change the statements into questions.

  1. You've got two brothers. - > ?
  2. He's got a good job. - > ?
  3. They've got two children. - > ?
  4. She's got a flat. - > ?
  5. You've got a boyfriend. - > ?

4. Write questions. Use the cues.

  1. Where ? (she / live)
  2. What ? (you / do)
  3. Chinese food? (you / like)
  4. to university? (she / go)
  5. What in his free time? (he / do)

5. Read the text. Make questions about Surat. Use the correct punctuation.

My name's Surat and I'm from Thailand. I'm single and my last name is Meesang. I've got one brother and two sisters. I was born in Bangkok, but I live in Chiang Mai. I'm a teacher and I work at the university. I've got a flat, but I haven't got a car. I travel by bus. In my free time I go swimming and I watch football.
  1. ? - It's Surat.
  2. ? - No, he isn't. He's single.
  3. ? - He's got one brother and two sisters. (How many)
  4. ? - He was born in Bangkok.
  5. ? - No, he doesn't. He lives in Chiang Mai.
  6. ? - No, he hasn't. He travels by bus.
  7. ? - He works at the university.
  8. ? - He goes swimming and he watches football.

6. Pronunciation Match the phonemic script with the correct words.

  1. [mæn]
  2. [nəʊ]
  3. [eit]
  4. [jɔ:]
  5. [wi:k]
  6. [sʌn]
  1. sun
  2. your
  3. week
  4. man
  5. know
  6. eight

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