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Pre-Intermediate Lesson 1. Introduction and nationalities. Whereabouts?

1a. Read and listen. Where are Michael and Zolfa from?

Michael Hi. My name's Michael.
Zofia Pleased to meet you, Michael. I'm Zofia.
Michael Sorry. What's your name again?
Zofia It's Zofia - Z-O-F-I-A.
Michael Oh, OK. Nice to meet you, Zofia.
Zofia Where are you from, Michael?
Michael I'm from Canada. And you?
Zofia I'm from Poland.
Michael Oh, really? Whereabouts?
Zofia Krakow. Do you know it?
Michael Yes, I do. I was there last year with my wife.

1b. Practise the conversation. Listen and repeat.

Language note Whereabouts?
A Where are you from?
B I'm from Italy.
A Whereabouts?
B (I'm from) Rome.
A Where is she from?
B She's from New York.
A Whereabouts?
B (She's from) Brooklyn.
Whereabouts? means "Where exactly?".

2. Listen. Michael introduces a woman to Zofia. Choose the correct answers.

1. She's
   a. his boss.
   b. his wife.
   c. his girlfriend.
2. Her name is
   a. Mia.
   b. Soshi.
   c. Olivia.
3. She's
   a. Polish.
   b. Canadian.
   c. Chinese.

3a. Write the countries.





3b. Listen, check, and repeat.

4a. Drill. Listen. Say the nationalities.

1. Felipe

2. Effie

3. Akira

4. Kate

5. Ahmed

6. Olga

1. - > .   4. -> .
2. -> . 5. -> .
3. -> . 6. -> .

4b. Listen and repeat.

5. Make your own dialogue. Use your name and a name of your friends.
Follow the pattern.

A Hi, Niran. This is my friend, Judit.
B Pleased to meet you. Sorry. What's your name again?
C It's Judit. Nice to meet you, too.
A Niran's from Thailand.
C Oh, really?
B What about you, Judit? Where are you from?
C I'm from Hungary.
B Oh, that's interesting.

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