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Elementary Lesson 2. GRAMMAR. Singular and plural

1a. Write these words in the correct places.

a bag    a door    a desk    a book    a computer    a pen

  1. a board
  2. a pencil
  3. a notebook

1b. Listen, check and repeat.

2. What other things around can you name?

Example: a mobile (phone)

3a. Listen and repeat the examples.

a book
a box
a badge
a man
a woman
a person
a child
two books
three boxes
three badges
three men
two women
two people
three children

3b. Study the table.

Singular Plural
Most nouns add -s
a pen
a bag
three pens
two bags
After -ch, -sh, -ss, -x, add -es
a watch
a box
a brush
a glass
two watches
three boxes
three brushes
four glasses
a man
a woman
a person
a child
three men
two women
two people
three children
When a plural noun ends in -ches, -shes, -xes, -sses or -ses, we pronounce the ending /iz/.
watches /iz/
purses /iz/

4a. Drill. Listen. Write and say plural with three.

  1. - >
  2. - >
  3. - >
  1. - >
  2. - >
  3. - >

4b. Listen again and repeat each word twice.

5a. Study the rule and the examples.

this / that / these / those
this book
that book
these books
those books
1. We use this / these for things which are near you.
This pen is new. These pens are new.

2. We use that / those for things which are not near you.
That car is old. Those cars are old.


A: What's this?

B: It's a notebook.
A: What's that?

B: It's an umbrella.
A: What are these?

B: They're keys.
A: What are those?

B: They're CDs.

5b. Ask and answer about things around you.

Example: - What's this?
- It's a pen.

6a. Read and listen.

What does 'French' mean?
It means 'from France'.
How do you say 'Bienvenido'
in English?
You say 'Welcome'.
How do you say this word?
It's /pi:pl/.
How do you spell 'glasses'?
It's G-L-A-double-S-E-S.

6b. Listen again and repeat each sentence twice.

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